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 Duo Chordata
  Duos para viola e violoncelo


We are starting the 21st century with endless possibilities for quick access to information. Despite the excellent offer not all information is sufficiently qualified. The information available is usually manipulated to serve a chosen segment that limits the expansion of knowledge. More and more there is the need of data organization precisely and expandable.

Here comes the importance of Larissa Mattos' book whose read I recomend. It is a result of hers master's degree research. The author presents questions about instruments' techniques, sound production and timbre of the duo viola and cello. Her also lists the compositions written to this formation at the XX and XXI centuries.

The numerical results even to the less skepticals is impressive!

If the readers are thinking that this listing could narrow her research they have to access any work available and verify the many possibilities of deepening in the content.

Among other things It is available the name of the publishers, links of performances and recordings and the more important: the contact of the composers.

(Prof. Dr. Hugo Pilger, Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Unirio))

Duos for viola an cello - Book


1. Obstacles to concert music of the 20th and 21st centuries: diffusion and accessibility and the ease of repetition;


2. Techniques of sound production for the balance and timbristic combination in the duo viola and cello: considerations of eight authors;


3. Control of the timbre in duos for viola and cello: similarity, character, overlap of voices and continuity of melodic lines;


4. Duos for viola and cello: catalog of duos for viola and cello from 20th and 21st century of intermediate / advanced level.

ISBN: 9788546209682
Author: Larissa Natália Ferreira De Mattos
Publisher: Paco Editorial
Edition: 1st Edition
Area: Music Instrumentation / Music School / Conservatories
Language: Portuguese
Year of Publication: 2018
Number of Pages: 272
Finishing: Brochure
Format: 17x24cm

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