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 Duo Chordata
    Duos for viola and cello

Online Catalogue

573 original duos for viola and cello from 20th and 21st centuries. More 48 works from 17th, 18th, 19th centuries and extras!


This catalog is not only a list of works!


 Here you will find online links to go directly to the websites where are the scores for sell or/and also the recordings and composers' e-mail addresses.

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Online Catalog Example

1. DOE, Jane (b. 1978) – Switzerland

Title: Sans titre pour alto et violoncelle

Date of Composition: 1995

Duration: 10'

Movements: 3 - I. Allegro / II. Calmo / III. Vivace

Première: 02/02/1995 - NY, John Doe (viola), Jane Doe (cello)

Work Level: Advanced/5-5

Editor: Untitled Music Center – Music Publishing ©1999; Ed.nº: 000

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2. DOE, Jane (1936-2003) – Brazil

Title: Sem título para viola e violoncelo

Date of Composition: 1980

Duration: 4’

Movements: 3 - I. Rocky / II. Tango / III. Valz

Première: 21/03/1981 - Chamber Music Prize 1981 - John Doe (viola), Jane Doe (cello)

Work Level: Medium/1-5

Editor: Berlin: Bote & Bock ©1980;

Recording: Duo UnknownJohn Doe (viola), Jane Doe (cello)

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3. DOE, John (b. 1986) - Romania


Title: Untitled for viola and violoncello

Date of Composition: 2011

Duration:  ca. 13'

Movements: 5 – I. Andante / II. Larghetto / III. Vivo / IV. Adagio

V. Largo

Première: 12/06/2015 - Concert Hall, Glasgow; John Doe (viola); Jane Doe (cello)

Work Level: Medium Hard/4-5

Editor:  Untitled Music Publishing ©2005; Ed.nº: 70-001

Recording: CD Untitled (2010) – Neos; Duo Unknown - John Doe (viola), Jane Doe (cello)

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Live Recording: Duo Chordata - Cindy Folly (viola); Larissa Mattos (cello)

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 Legend - levels of the works:

ME = Medium Easy

M = Medium
Mh = Medium Hard
A = Advanced

1 to 5 of difficulty for each level 

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